English Tea Bridal Shower

A few months ago my beautiful bridesmaids coordinated an adorably and incredibly aptly themed English Tea Bridal Shower.

Those who have known me for a long time know I adore all the cute english tea cups and rain coats and gorgeous architecture and accents and and and … well its a problem mostly. Anyhow, these girls did their best to create a tea party for me in the middle of July in San Diego.

My sweet friend Tuyen even made this gorgeous “High Tea with the Bride-to-Be” sign I almost died over. Don’t you think she should sell these on etsy?! This sign greeted guests as they walked in.

Directly underneath was an opportunity for people to leave sweet messages, which they did. I was so overwhelmed when I read them at home.

IMG_5315My sweet grandmother let us use their house. She always has these little mints that you see next to this adorable wedding countdown.

Everything was adorable and sweet!



Really though the photos don’t even do it justice. Everything was so gorgeous, it brought tears to my eyes. IMG_5233

It was simple, but so elegant.

IMG_5231bridal shower 1

I didn’t get to take as many photos as I would have liked because I just got swept up in the day. One thing I didn’t get a picture of was the absolutely amazing sweet iced tea my friend Melissa made. Peach Bourbon Iced Tea to be exact. It was a great thing to have because July in San Diego is not your typical tea weather! It was made of english breakfast tea, peach nectar, frozen peaches, mint and bourbon. Bomb.com

 And all of the cupcakes were made by my MOH and bestie! How cute are these little roses.

   rose cake

So sweet. I loved every minute of it <333333

Pink Champagne

Pink Champagne

Wedding Season is upon us! And you know what that means BRIDAL SHOWERS!

I love love love bridal showers, they’re so beautiful and girly in ways even weddings can’t be at times. You can go full girl on that thing, all pinks, glitters, whatever you’re frilly little heart desires. There’s no worrying that the groom will go into overload.

One thing I hate about bridal showers, is the cost incurred by the bridesmaids and more specifically the maid of honor. The poor MOH has to put on a fantastic event even though she may not necessarily have the total funds to put on said soiree.

Since my experience as a maid of honor back when I was in college and working part time for part time pay, I’ve been looking for ways to help cut costs for bridesmaids. One thing that always stuck out to me was how expensive/time consuming it was to find and collect the decorations and games. It had to be easier than that!!

I designed the Pink Champagne Party Pack for that reason. Its totally pink and fun and girly and all your stuff comes in a zip file you can take to kinkos and have them print for you. Its got your games, food labels, party favor instructions, all in one spot and for only $15.

You can instantly download the file and print it right from home or send it to a printer and have it by the next day. Its super cost effective and time effective.

Its my first party pack for a bridal shower and I’m not sure people are into the whole pack as a printable item. Do you have thoughts? Are you an instant, affordable printable kind of person? Or do you prefer paying more for a physical item and getting something in the mail at the end of the week?