Zach & Dani

I do not even know where to start with how incredible Emily and her team are! How about I start with when I was in your exact position, researching different coordinators, and going through every site possible. I used Weddingwire, the knot, yelp, and thumbtack. We are SOOOO lucky Emily reached out to us via Thumbtack. Her quote seemed very fair at the time we received it. My wife could tell you that I am probably the biggest “over researcher” there is and without a doubt, I read through thousands of different reviews during our vendor searching. STOP your wedding coordinator search right here!! I guarantee you that you will not be in better hands with a level of service that is 50X the price you will pay. Emily did not just shine on our wedding day, nor for just the month leading up to it, but starting with 6 months to go! She was organized, genuine, on top of things without being overbearing, confident and in control, and a de-stresser at all the right times.

I am cursed with being a perfectionist and it is genuinely tough for me to not be in complete control. The fact that I let Emily completely take over and run our wedding day is a testament to the confidence she made us feel in her ability to get things done.

I can’t explain how much Emily truly cares about your day being perfect. She also was extremely conscious of our tight budget and loaned up some of her own decor and easels to use along with getting us in touch with a wholesale florist who came in $1000 less then our cheapest bid!

I am telling you that Emily was BY FAR the best money we spent during our wedding and she helped us make what looked to be a $50,000 wedding for a 1/3 of that. Please do yourself a favor and book Emily!!

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