Lindsay & Tyler

There are not enough stars in the world to give Emily the credit she deserves. We hired Emily for day-of wedding coordination, mostly because of my full time job commitments and (let’s be honest) my total lack of creativity and ‘DIY’ talent. If you don’t want to read my novel, just know that the BEST decision for your event will be to hire Emily. Now, if you want to know the details of how amazing she is… read on πŸ™‚
A little background to create the vision for you: I’m active duty military & got married on Naval Station North Island. My (now) husband is a full time graduate student and spends the majority of his time at school, studying, or walking our dog πŸ˜› My immediate family lives on the East Coast (which is important because my Mom and Emily worked every detail of this wedding to perfection).
I hired Emily after meeting her once at a coffee shop. My mom had flown in for the week to visit and help with some wedding planning. Emily was the 2nd wedding coordinator I met with (I found both of them on Thumbtack) and after meeting with the first one, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be able to afford what we were looking for. I told Emily that I mainly wanted someone to help hang lights (we got married on a deck on the beach & wanted a little extra lighting) and someone to help setup/decorate the venue day-of so my mom & other family would be able to help me get ready for the big day. To my complete SURPRISE, she said she would do ALL of that & more, and the best part was that I could use any of the materials/decorations she already had for FREE so the only thing we would have to pay ‘extra’ for would be any decorations we went out & bought on our own. Emily had lights, lanterns, signs, frames, and MUCH more available for us to use so we barely had to purchase anything extra which really helped with our wedding expenses.
Emily knew how busy I was with work, and she was so sweet about trying not to bother me unless she really needed something or had a question. Some of the things Emily helped us with are:
-Created a full day-of timeline & diagram and worked closely with the venue on guest/seating arrangements and placements of buffets, gift tables, bar, etc
-Contacted ALL of my vendors & handled all of their questions so they wouldn’t have to ‘bother’ me the several weeks leading up to the wedding
-Created signs to place at the gift table, driving into the venue, bar, etc
-Dealt with the craziness of Naval Base Security & contacted all of the vendors multiple times to make sure they filled out the necessary forms to be allowed on base
-Picked up my cake & donuts for our donut cake the day of the wedding!! Such a huge help.
-Worked closely with my Mom and helped her research decorations, cake stands, and much more. My mom is writing a separate review so I’ll let her go in to detail about that πŸ™‚
-Ran my entire rehearsal at the venue the day before the wedding. I don’t know what we would have done if she wasn’t there because none of us really knew what was going on.
-The day of the wedding, she made sure to tell us where we needed to be & when. She would say, “okay guys, we’re going to do the shoe game now so go to the dance floor…” or “we’re going to cut the cake now!” She even brought plates of food to our table so we could eat after we were done talking to some of the guests!
-My DJ was a total wreck & the week before I freaked out about possibly needing to hire someone else. She instantly called several of her DJ friends and made me feel calmer about the whole situation. The day of the wedding, my DJ still didn’t really know what was going on…so Emily spelled out pretty much every song for him and when he needed to play it. If Emily wasn’t there I really am not sure WHAT song I would have walked down the aisle to…
There are not enough amazing things I can say about Emily. She brought her sister with her the day of the wedding and she was so sweet and helpful!! I can honestly say EVERYONE needs an Emily Froelich in their lives. We talked to each other like we were friends (I kinda think we are πŸ˜› ) and she really took my whole view for the wedding and just ran with it. She is truly amazing. Thank you Emily!! We love you!!

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